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Luckfordwood Site Rules


Loud parties are not acceptable on this site at any time. Our noise curfew is 1 1.00pm and radios & TVs must also be muted by this time — remember that sound carries very easily in an open environment. Please show consideration to other people at all times. General bad or inappropriate behaviour on the part of any adult or child anywhere on site will not be tolerated. We treat wilful misuse, damage or destruction of any property anywhere on the campsite, farm or surrounding areas very seriously and offenders will be dealt with accordingly. Persistent offenders will be required to leave the site.


Our Showers and Toilet Facilities are free to use, please leave them in a condition you would wish to find them. All our facilities are cleaned daily in rotation and during this time they will be closed for public use. However, there will always be an alternative facility to use on site. Children under 10 years old should be supervised by a responsible adult whilst using the showers and wash cubicles. We expect our cleaning and onsite staff to be treated with respect and consideration at all times.


Rubbish. Please be as diligent and responsible as possible when disposing of your rubbish. Use the correct bins and separate general waste and food; dry mixed recycling; glass; ashes.
Waste food. Do not throw any waste food or containers into the hedges and undergrowth. Use the general waste bins provided.
Waste water. All wastewater must be collected in a container and emptied at a proper drain point. Under no circumstances should it be poured into a ditch or dumped on your pitch as you leave. Likewise, do not dump ash on your pitch as you leave — use the proper bins provided.


Observe the speed limit. The speed limit is 5mph over the entire Campsite and access roads at all times. In the interests of safety, particularly children and animals, you must always drive with care. We operate a zero-tolerance policy over dangerous driving and offenders will be asked to leave the site. Please avoid excessive and unnecessary use of vehicles across the site, such as driving to and from the facilities, especially when the ground is wet.


Keep your children safe. Parents and guardians take careful note: whilst on site, you are fully responsible for the behaviour of the children and minors in your care. You must always be aware of their whereabouts and activities. Children are expected to remain on the campsite fields, unless accompanied by a responsible adult. The surrounding woodland, the facilities buildings are not play areas.
Children on bicycles. For their own safety, children are not permitted to ride their bicycles on the site unless they are accompanied by an adult or are themselves proficient in cycling as if on-road. Please ensure that your children leave their bicycles parked in a suitable position so as not to cause an obstruction or nuisance to other people.


On our EHU pitches, put your caravan/tent in the centre of your pitch on the pitch number, not to one side, so allowing maximum space between you and your neighbour. Park cars alongside or in front. Pitch tidily keeping everything, including vehicles and windbreaks, well within the yellow pitch boundary posts. Please avoid using any of our posts or fences to anchor your tents or for your washing lines. No empty caravans or tents to be left on site without specific prior permission from the owners. Washing of caravans, boats or equipment on site is not permitted.


All buildings, barns, sheds are strictly Out of Bounds. Please remember that you are on private property and respect all other signs. Absolutely no smoking near buildings, farm vehicles or in Facilities Buildings.
Fire regulations. Please be aware that Fire Safety Regulations stipulate that there should be a 6-metre gap between each unit so please observe this when pitching, particularly in our undesignated 'Top' field. If there is an issue of proximity let us know and do not confront other campers. Anyone we consider, at our discretion, to be unacceptably close to another camper will be asked to move.


Dogs. We welcome dogs on the site but they must be kept under strict control or on leads at all times, and must not be allowed to roam freely and upset farm animals or other campers. Please ensure that you always clean up after them — bins are provided. You must be responsible for your dogs and not leave them unattended on site at any time, even for short periods; dogs can get very distressed in strange environments.
The Owners will not accept any liability in respect of any person or the property of any person using the site.
Our Campsite is in a very rural area. Please always follow the Countryside Code.
These rules have been created for the benefit of all our campsite users. Please abide by them and enjoy your stay with us.


Barbeques are permitted but burning receptacles must be raised off the ground. Please be extremely careful when disposing of ash and use the specific bins provided.
Small open fires are permitted in firepits only. Beware, fires are an extreme hazard and excessive smoke can be a nuisance to others, so your fire must be fully contained and under close supervision at all times. We sell suitable fire wood so please do not help yourself to any wood found on site or in the surrounding woodland. Wood off the ground is often wet, rotten and full of insect life and the breaking of branches from trees will be treated as vandalism. Please be extremely careful when disposing of ash - use the specific bin provided. We reserve the right to request a fire be extinguished should we feel it is unacceptable in any way.